Our Leggings

Meet COMFORTI™ Leggings

COMFORTI™ luxury fabric. Featuring a 4-way stretch, which ensures immense elasticity for yoga, stretching, any type of activities, while looking brand new each time you put them on. Moisture wicking fabric for sweat or if wearing at the beach or pool. 

Repels pet hair. We all love our furry babies, but let's face it, no one likes going out in public with hair attached to their clothing, especially when it can get into food, and it's just unsightly. Our COMFORTI™ fabric repels any type of hair, be it pet or human so that's one extra added bonus to these wonderful bottoms.


 No Pilling!! I know what you're thinking..."What? Can these leggings really be this amazingly perfect?" and we know it sounds too good to be true, but trust us when we say... we wouldn't spend all day trying to sell you something that isn't even good! Who does that!? Ok I guess some people do, but, not us. :)) And if you don't believe us, try them! You have nothing to lose! You have 30 days to try them on, and then return them if you see any type of  issues! 


 As you can see pictured below, our High Waist COMFORTI™ leggings have stitching on the outside of the leggings. That's called Flatseaming or Flatlocking. Most activewear use this type of stitching. The function of this stitch is to provide the least abrasive and strongest stitch possible and it is optimal for any type of workout activity.  If you prefer the invisible stitching, please opt for our Mid Waist leggings, capris or shorts.



Squat proof. If you prefer modest clothing that feels safe and keeps your privacy in all areas, don't worry, we got you covered. Literally. You may enjoy your squats in peace, these leggings are squat proof so nothing to worry about. If you're wearing a light color leggings, you will have to wear thongs or skin color underwear though, or else if the undies are too bright they might show a little.